Tuesdays with Dorie: Chocolate Cherry Burnt Biscotti

The original recipe was a hazelnut biscotti, but as I am not a hazelnut fan, I opted to go rogue, deciding on a chocolate cherry version with cocoa, cherry kirsch, almond extract, and dried cherries as substitutions. Other bakers suggested swapping out something of the flour for cocoa powder.  I did this – using a third of a cup of cocoa, but the dough was so sticky that I ended up adding back most of the flour I’d replaced just to manage the dough.

I wondered if the dough was sticky because of the cocoa or if the original recipe was just as difficult to work with.  I guess that’s an argument for making the recipe as is the first time around and improvising on round two.

I discovered a good trick for rolling out the logs – flour a piece of plastic wrap, plunk down half the dough, then wrap and roll.  The recipe said the logs were supposed to be about twelve inches in length – mine didn’t quite make it.

During the first baking, I made a fatal error.  I smelled the scorching of cocoa, but was afraid to take it out early, by about five minutes.  Should have gone ahead and done it because the biscotti was bitter as a result and nothing could be done to fix it.  I could have maybe tried some powdered sugar on the edges to sweeten it a bit, but they really weren’t salvageable.  I think the texture was good (I went ahead with the second baking), but I will definitely read other bakers’ posts before attempting this one again.

If you want to try the original recipe,  please visit homemadeandwholesome.wordpress.com



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8 comments on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Chocolate Cherry Burnt Biscotti

  1. Ckay says:

    Oh…what a pity your “overbaked” them! Next time you’ll have delicous biscotti waiting for you.
    No need to form “perfect logs”. There’s a video that shows how to make them (I’ve posted it on TWD and on my blog) and you’ll be stunned by the “messy” logs she makes – but they turn out just perfect after baking! The heat does the trick and we can be quick 🙂

    Julia’s biscotti is amazingly delicious… a winner!
    I’ve tripled the dough at the very beginning to make 3 version and loved them all (too much)!
    Besides I am so glad to have learned the technique of blanching almonds and hazelnuts…it’s very handy!

  2. What a pity about the burning of the dough!! but i am quite intrgiued by your combination of kirsch and cherries and chocolate.. should have been good!!

  3. smarkies says:

    when you go rogue, you really go rogue! 🙂 love the idea for your variation!

  4. Teresa says:

    That’s too bad, because the flavours you chose sound wonderful. Hope you succeed on your next try. 🙂

  5. Good for you for trying something new. Sorry they did not turn out the way you wanted.

  6. Betsy says:

    It was brave of you to try your own version. Hopefully it works better the next time.

  7. Cher says:

    No, it wasn’t you…this was a sticky dough.
    Sorry your cookies didn’t quite work out, but the concept sounds wonderful!

  8. Cathleen says:

    Your variation sounds awesome! Sorry they did not turn out. Like your post title. 🙂

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