Tuesdays with Dorie: “Butt”ermilk Crumb Muffins



These muffins were quick, easy, and delicious – though somewhat depressed.  How is it that everything I bake deflates, crinkles, puckers, or recedes?

I follow directions, I swear that I do, but my muffins resembled navels – all innies it’s true!

It’s unnatural I say

How they overflowed and refused to budge from their tins

So I sliced the tops off, mutilating the delicate crumb

I don’t why but my bread always looks dumb

If anyone has a word of advice, maybe this is a muffin I will attempt twice!

A baker most expert at http://downhomedesserts.blogspot.com/ can be found

With the recipe for the tastiest muffins around.